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What will it take to transform cancer care?

Series 5: episode 3

Explore the industry's evolving mission to advance cancer research and care in this new episode of the GOLD podcast with hosts Isabel and Jade, featuring an insightful conversation with Dr Sunil Verma, Global Head of Oncology, Medical, AstraZeneca.

In this episode, Isabel uncovers Sunil's passion for working in oncology, his analysis of where cancer care has been and where it is going, why personalised medicine is the ultimate goal for oncology and an insight into the challenge that can keep him up at night.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Dr Sunil Verma is Global Head of Oncology, Medical at AstraZeneca, where he works to drive the company’s vision to redefine cancer care. Prior to joining AZ in 2019 as Vice President, Head of Breast Cancer Strategy and Global Clinical Head for the Breast Cancer Programme, Sunil was a medical oncologist providing clinical care and expertise to breast and lung cancer patients. He has held various leadership and research roles at a number of highly regarded academic institutions and completed his medical degree and postgraduate training at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Additional resources

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