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Bold goals outlined for US bioeconomy

Updated: Apr 12

Words by GOLD newsdesk

A new initiative to improve biotechnology and biomanufacturing capabilities and strengthen supply chains in the US has been launched by the Biden-Harris administration.

The ‘Bold Goals for U.S. Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing’, unveiled on 27 March, aim to “catalyse action inside and outside of government to advance American biotechnology and biomanufacturing”, according to the report.

Amongst the goals is to increase the number of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for small molecule drugs produced domestically to 25% within the next five years. Currently, many APIs are produced in countries such as India and China and imported into the US.

In the same timeframe, a goal is to sequence the genomes of one million microbial species and gain a better understanding of how at least 80% of these newly discovered genes function.

In addition, the US government wants to be able to combat supply shortages and delays by predicting at least 50% of supply chain vulnerabilities before they occur.

Alongside these short-term goals, the report also sets out longer-term ambitions, including plans to increase in-country manufacturing of cell-based therapies to widen access and reduce health inequalities, while cutting manufacturing costs.

The long-term goal for supply chains is that, where supply chain weaknesses cannot be predicted, any bottlenecks will be addressed within one week of identification.

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