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Translating policy into action

Series 5: episode 7

Explore how the pharmaceutical industry can turn diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives into transformational change in the latest episode of the GOLD podcast. This week, Jade Williams talks to Anita Ralli, Director, Government Affairs, Inclusion and Diversity, Employee Resource Group Lead, Gilead Sciences UK.

In this episode, Jade picks the brains of our guest to find out how companies can attract diverse talent to their workforce, key ways to create an environment where employees can be themselves and how to ensure employee resource groups are successful.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Anita Ralli leads both Government Affairs and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at Gilead Sciences UK, where she has worked for nearly four years. Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry, Anita began her career in politics before moving into public affairs at the Community and District Nursing Association and then leading national and global policy projects for a variety of organisations including Myers Squibb and Leo Pharma. Her first foray into pharma was working specifically on cancer policy - something she remains incredibly passionate about into today.

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