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Spotlight: January-April 2023

Words by Jade Williams

GOLD looks back at some of the top news stories from the pharmaceutical industry over the last few months, covering landmark therapy approvals, insulin price cuts and much more

26 January

NICE approves Kite’s ground-breaking CAR-T therapy to treat blood cancer

01 February

AbbVie’s Crohn’s disease drug Rinvoq wins MHRA approval

08 February

NICE recommends Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy weight loss drug to NHS

17 February

Christi Shaw announces her departure as Kite’s CEO

01 March

Eli Lilly announces 70% price cut to most-prescribed insulins

02 March

UK increases statutory scheme payment percentage to 27.5% for 2023

05 March

Moderna selects Oxford, UK as location for new innovation and technology centre

10 March

Silicon Valley Bank crashes and sends shock waves through digital health industry

13 March

Pfizer acquires Seagen in $43bn deal to boost oncology portfolio

14 March

Novo Nordisk to cut insulin prices by up to 75% in early 2024

16 March

Sanofi slashes cost of most-prescribed insulin by 78%

21 March

MHRA announces biggest overhaul of clinical trial approval processes for 20 years

This feature appears in GOLD 27 – read the full issue here.

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