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Spotlight: April–August 2023

Words by Jade Williams


GOLD looks back at some of the top news stories from the pharmaceutical industry over the last few months, covering regulatory approvals, governmental schemes and much more

29 April

New Astellas CEO acquires Iveric Bio, the largest acquisition in company’s history

16 May

First-of-its-kind non-hormonal menopause treatment wins FDA nod

03 June

FDA allows temporary import of chemotherapy drug cisplantin from Chinese manufacturer due to shortage

06 June

UK government launches £40m drug pilot to tackle obesity and ease pressure on NHS

19 June

Eurofarma takes top prize at Cannes with scrolling therapy app for Parkinson’s

28 June

AstraZeneca commits $400m to reforestation and biodiversity to support world health

05 July

Moderna announces intent to work towards mRNA R&D in China in potential £1bn investment

26 July

FDA approves Warfarin reversal drug that enables patients to undergo urgent surgery or invasive procedures

07 August

Biotech investment in the UK rises 29% in Q2 in comparison to Q1

09 August

AstraZeneca signs Swedish wind power deal with EU’s largest renewable energy provider

10 August

Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy sales cross the $1bn mark

16 August

UK Government allots £210m to reducing AMR in Africa and Asia

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