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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

In this issue of GOLD, we’re taking a look at the hottest news stories that have emerged during the last quarter, which we believe are having the most profound impact on the pharmaceutical industry. As can be seen below, this period has seen a lot of change, with many new collaborations formed and executive appointments made.

10 June

Paul Hudson is appointed as the new CEO of Sanofi as of 1st September, leaving his post as CEO of Novartis.

18 June

Sanofi and Google agree a collaboration for a joint virtual innovation lab, with the aim of using deep analytics to better understand key diseases and extract related patient insights.

26 June

A definitive transaction agreement worth approximately $63 billion for AbbVie to buy Allergan is reached.

28 June

Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb joins Pfizer’s board of directors, 85 days after leaving the FDA.

3 July

LEO Pharma’s acquisition of Bayer’s prescription dermatology business is completed, providing LEO with the global product rights for this business, with the exception of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

10 July

Research finds that data sharing in ‘Big Pharma’ of clinical research is improving, with 95% of trials sharing results publicly within the first 6 months of FDA approval, highlighting a shift towards better transparency.

11 July

Christi Shaw is appointed the new CEO of Gilead-owned cell therapy company, Kite Pharma, and she’ll leave her current position as Chief of Eli Lilly Biomedicines by the end of August.

24 July

The first medical cannabis clinic in the UK opens, which could signal the beginning of a new era of marijuana medication research for pharma to pursue.

24 July

Former Novartis and AstraZeneca CFO Jonathan Symonds is named as the next Chairman of GSK, effective as of 1st September.

29 July

CEO of Mylan, Heather Bresch, announces she will be stepping down from her role once Mylan’s merger with Pfizer’s Upjohn business is concluded in mid-2020.

1 August

GSK and Pfizer complete their deal to combine their consumer healthcare businesses into a world-leading joint venture.

14 August

Victor Bulto is appointed as the new President of Novartis’ US pharmaceutical business.

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