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Spoonful of Healthcare Apps

In the age of innovative digital solutions, mobile apps that help patients to take control of their diseases are becoming increasingly popular. We are showcasing some standout patient apps that have been created by, or in collaboration with, pharma, and are designed to give the power back to the patient and improve their quality of life.

Janssen and Welby’s ‘Aozora’

Janssen are collaborating with Japanese digital health organisation Welby to develop an app for patients living with ADHD. The app assists patients through time management capabilities and medication reminders, also offering the opportunity to set goals. Aozora promotes lifestyle changes but the app’s main priority is to improve medication adherence.

MSD’s ‘ChemoDiary’

MSD’s digital tool engages patients undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing side effects. ChemoDiary allows patients to register their condition, track reactions to their chemotherapy treatment, and share updates with their doctors. The app also provides a diary to track appointments and vital treatment information.

Pfizer’s ‘Quitter’s Circle’

Pfizer are working with the American Lung Association to help people stop smoking. Their app ‘Quitter’s Circle’ facilitates conversations with HCPs and allows users to track their ‘quit smoking journey’. Features of the app highlight the value of smoking cessation, including an indicator of the money a user has saved by not buying cigarettes.

Sanofi’s ‘Go Meals’

For people living with diabetes, Sanofi-Aventis launched GoMeals. The app allows users to search through grocery foods and restaurant dishes to identify which meals meet their nutritional needs, giving power back to these patients to control their insulin intake more confidently.

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