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Spoonful of Healthcare Apps

In this new era of healthcare, mobile apps are becoming an increasingly savvy way of improving patient outcomes. Pharmaceutical companies are embracing their potential and investing more and more in development. This section showcases some standout patient apps that have been created by, or in collaboration with, pharma, designed to help patients manage their conditions.


Pfizer’s ‘Living With’ app allows patients living with cancer to better manage their conditions and to connect with loved ones. There are features on the app such as symptom-tracking charts, reminders to take medications, and the ability to record questions for their oncologist. Patients can track their moods, pain, steps, and sleep; access content on advocacy groups; and ask loved ones for help with daily tasks.


The DrugStars app rewards patients for adhering to treatments, returning waste medicines, and sharing their experiences. Pharma companies can purchase the anonymous, real-world data collected for scientific studies to create more user-friendly products, improving drug adherence and treatment options. Revenue is donated to 230 charities, chosen by the app’s 320,000 users.


Novartis’ ‘forCare’ app is designed to support caregivers by making their job simpler through tracking doctor’s appointments and medications, and facilitating access to third-party support organisations. The app offers advice on how to handle finances and manage documentation, provides tips for self-care, and allows users to create private networks with family members.


Patients living with multiple sclerosis can use Bayer’s ‘myBETAapp’ as a diary for tracking their courses of injections, empowering and supporting them as they manage their disease. The app provides multiple sclerosis-related educational information and uses an electronic injector with which patients can transfer data from the injector directly into the app.

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