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Spoonful of Collaborations

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

We highlight four standout apps that have been created by, or in collaboration with, pharmaceutical companies to facilitate a better quality of life for patients. These apps aim to improve patient autonomy and treatment delivery as well as act as lifelines for those living under COVID-19 restrictions.


Abbott is launching a smartphone app, NAVICA, to be used alongside its newly approved Panbio™ rapid COVID-19 antigen test. The app functions like a secure mobile boarding pass; if you test negative, it will display a temporary encrypted digital pass via a QR code. This technology could streamline access into facilities where people congregate, such as office buildings and schools.


Amgen is teaming up with digital health company Liva Healthcare to develop Rehab+, an app that aims to prevent repeat heart attacks. Rehab+ incorporates services such as educational content, monitoring and tracking, personal coaching, and a support community to ignite long-term lifestyle changes as a form of heart attack prevention.


ViiV Healthcare is collaborating with the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to develop a new smartphone app to improve access to care for patients with HIV. Klick allows patients to manage appointments, carry out health assessments, review results, and correspond with their team of healthcare professionals.


Eli Lilly is following in the footsteps of Novo Nordisk as they sign up to supply data to Roche’s mySugar app, which is used by people undergoing treatment with insulin pen therapy. The two companies will integrate data from Eli Lilly’s connected insulin pen solutions into the app, as part of Roche’s ongoing pursuit for integrated personalised diabetes management.

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