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Spoonful of Collaborations

Updated: May 27, 2021

We delve into the most compelling collaborations that have taken place between the pharmaceutical industry and non-traditional healthcare players in recent months. Cross-industry collaboration is becoming more commonplace as pharma pushes for more patient-informed strategies, with a particular emphasis on partnerships surrounding technology and disease management.


A new awareness campaign about psoriasis has been launched by Novartis and singer-songwriter Cyndi Lauper, who has previously worked with the company. The campaign will feature Lauper, who has psoriasis, alongside other patients discussing their experiences of managing the condition at work. Inspired by patients’ experiences at work, the initiative hopes to encourage a frank discussion around psoriasis stigma in the workplace.


Bayer have coupled up with digital therapeutics company Sidekick to create a platform for patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Sidekick help build such platforms that help patients modify their behaviour, boost adherence, and simplify management of illness and disease symptoms. The programme is set to launch in Sweden before later being rolled out to the rest of Europe.


A 3-year collaboration has been agreed between Novo Nordisk and the children’s charity UNICEF, which aims to tackle the growing problem of childhood obesity. The two organisations will not only share insights on effective methods to fight obesity, but are already undertaking ground-level efforts in areas where the condition is especially prevalent. Novartis’ expertise in Type 2 diabetes make them the ideal partner for this programme, and the collaboration supports their ambition to reduce occurrences of diabetes globally.


In recent years, Amazon has dipped its toes into the life sciences sector, and this is demonstrated by their recent partnership with pharmaceutical giant Novartis. Novartis can now utilise Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) portfolio of cloud services, which use AI and machine learning to increase efficiency and agility across their global supply chain. The agreement has the potential to transform Novartis’ manufacturing capabilities, thereby speeding up the development of innovative new therapies.

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