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Potential blockbuster drug front runners highlighted

Words by GOLD newsdesk

Some 15 treatments likely to achieve blockbuster status over the next five years have been highlighted in Clarivate's annual ‘Drugs to Watch’ report, published today (10 January 2023).

The analysis identifies 70 drugs entering the market or launching key indications in 2023 deemed to be ones to watch, including 15 late-stage experimental treatments that are predicted to surpasses $1bn in sales by 2027 or be clinical game changers for millions of patients worldwide.

They cover a broad spectrum of therapeutic developments for rare diseases and tough-to-treat conditions – including HIV, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, alopecia, multiple myeloma and breast cancer – and primarily feature treatments targeted to a particular biomarker, ensuring greater efficacy and less precious time lost searching for a drug or biologic that will arrest or reverse the progress of disease.

Indeed, this 10th edition of the report, which serves as a key industry resource in the ever-evolving drug innovation landscape, puts particular emphasis on serving unmet patient needs with personalised medicines ensuring greater efficacy for rare diseases and previously untreatable conditions. Personalised medicines account for more than 25% of FDA approvals for the last seven years, the report states.

Nine potential blockbusters in mainland China likely to achieve $1bn by 2030 are also highlighted – eight of these are oncology drugs, bringing into focus the increasing cancer burden in the region.

To identify this year’s Drugs to Watch list, Clarivate drew from expertise of over 160 analysts covering hundreds of diseases, drugs and markets and 11 integrated data sets that span the R&D and commercialisation lifecycle.

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