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Tanja Dowe on digital health tools

Updated: May 20, 2022

Season 01: 09 Nov 2021

GOLD talks to Tanja Dowe, CEO, Debiopharm Innovation Fund, who discusses her passion for digital health tools. Drawing on her experience of investing in health technologies, she explores what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, how these tools could improve life expectancies in cancer, and her highlights from a year of digital transformation for the pharmaceutical industry.

A little more on GOLD's guest...

Tanja Dowe is the CEO of the Debiopharm Innovation Fund, a firm that invests in digital health companies that are focussed on transforming patient journeys and clinical trials through data and AI. She has had a lengthy and impressive career in life sciences, holding senior positions within companies across Switzerland, Finland, the US, and Canada, including working as the Managing Director of Innomedica and Chairwoman of the Boards of GenePOC, Kaiku Health and Oncomfort. Her passions include digital health, big data and AI in drug development, and precision medicine.

Topics covered

  • Tanja’s pathway into digital health

  • Digital tools in drug development

  • Smart data and wearables

  • Value of digital for patients

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