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Super reps, ChatGPT and pharma’s future on social media

Season 04: episode 03

This week, GOLD is pleased to be joined by Darshan Kulkarni, Principal Attorney, The Kulkarni Law Firm, who focuses on regulatory and compliance for the Life Sciences, to unravel some of key trends in medical affairs and marketing today.

He discusses a variety of topics, including whether MSLs will one day replace sales reps, the role of chat GPT in healthcare, pharma’s future on social media and much more. He also shares his top three legal and regulatory milestone to watch out for in the coming year.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Darshan Kulkarni is the Principal Attorney at the Kulkarni Law Firm, which focuses on helping with the regulatory and compliance needs of FDA regulated companies and their service providers. He has a doctorate in pharmacy and serves on multiple advisory and editorial boards, sharing his knowledge on professional, community and professional issues. He is also a prolific content creator, and has his own podcast called DarshanTalks on which he interviews high-profile life science stakeholders. Finally, he is an author who has written chapters for several editions of multiple books and a regular keynote speaker.

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