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Social sustainability, patient advocacy and policy campaigning

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Season 02: episode 13

In this episode, Helena is joined by Klaus Legau, Senior Advisor, Social Sustainability at Leo Pharma. Klaus reveals the most important facets of a social sustainability strategy and where he believes the pharmaceutical industry is falling short in this respect, as well as offering expert advice to those starting out in policy campaigning.

There’s also news on hormone replacement therapy shortages in the UK, Sanofi’s extended collaboration with McLaren Racing and more.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Klaus Legau is Senior Advisor in LEO Pharma’s global sustainability department, leading the implementation of the company’s social sustainability programme. He lives and works in Denmark and began working in LEO Pharma in 2018 in global public affairs, bringing extensive experience from public affairs, communication and professional patient advocacy on national and international levels. Klaus has worked in senior positions and four CEO positions in civil society, the public and private sector. He began in his current position in October 2021.

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