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Sales reps, MSLs and the future of CX

Season 03: episode 15

This week on the podcast, GOLD discusses the changing field of pharma sales with James Harper, Founder and Managing Director, Twentyeightb.

James shares his story of joining the pharma industry, the incredible importance of striving to add value to every customer engagement, whether MSLs and sales reps could ever converge and the priority of mindset over toolset. All this stems from the inaugural event from James’ new initiative ‘Digital Pharma: Unlocked’ – a group aiming to help the pharma industry see digital as a positive enablement tool.

Meanwhile, in news you might’ve missed, Helena and Isabel discuss a new rare diseases initiative from the EFPIA and an important shift in the inflammatory bowel disease market.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

James Harper is the Founder and Managing Director of Twentyeightb – a software development company specialising in enabling multichannel reps with effective digital tools. Alongside his day job, James is Chair of the PM Society Digital Interest Group, a not-for-profit organisation working to improve healthcare communications. With a stated mission of empowering pharma companies and their field forces to unlock the full potential of Veeva cloud-based software, James is a technology enthusiast who combines his deep knowledge of CRM, CLM and selling effectiveness with experience of having 'carried the bag' for several well-known pharmaceutical companies.

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