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Season 03: episode 09

To mark the mid-point of Season 3, this week, the GOLD team is keeping things in-house and presenting a discussion on the key articles and themes from the latest issue. Helena and Isabel are joined by Editorial Executive Jade Williams, to drill down into some the trio’s favourite topics from the GOLD issue released last Tuesday (25th October).

Expect discussion on topics such as what pharma can learn from tech giants, the industry’s response to Roe v. Wade and the delicate balance of biotech success, including some exclusive context and insights on each story direct from the writers themselves.

And in news you might have missed, the team discuss the very latest on GSK’s respiratory syncytial virus, measles and rubella vaccines in Senegal and Astrazeneca’s most recent breast cancer breakthrough.

Don’t forget to check out the full issue of GOLD for free here, if you missed it.

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