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Paul Simms on pharma’s reputation

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

GOLD Nugget: bonus episode

For this week’s GOLD nugget, Helena looks back at a topic that graced GOLD’s front cover late last year and proved extremely popular: pharma’s reputation. She considers some of the gold nuggets that Paul Simms, CEO, Impatient Health, shared in his podcast episode on the subject, including insights on the current state of pharma’s reputation and the ways in which pharma can recover and bolster this.

Look out for the launch of Season 4 on 7 February, as well as our much-anticipated 2023 pharma forecast, which is coming soon and not one to be missed!

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

A well-known face on the pharma conference circuit, Paul Simms, CEO of Impatient Health, is passionate about provoking meaningful change in order to realise the huge, unfulfilled potential of the industry and life sciences as a whole. Perhaps best known for his 17 years at the helm of eyeforpharma, which was acquired by Reuters in 2019, he created some of the pharmaceutical industry’s largest and most influential events. In 2020, he set up Impatient Health – an industry think tank and consultancy that aims to help pharma become more ambitious and creative.

Additional resources

If you’re interested in learning more about the topic areas discussed in this episode, check out the following content:

Hear more from Paul:

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