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Meet GOLD’s new catalyst – medical aficionado Juby Jacob-Nara

Season 03: episode 01

It's good to be back! To celebrate the launch of Season 3 of The GOLD Podcast, Marc and Helena bring you a special extended version of our conversation with GOLD’s latest catalyst interviewee Dr Juby Jacob-Nara, Vice President and Global Medical Head for Respiratory, Allergy and Gastro-Intestinal Diseases, Sanofi.

She speaks to Assistant Editor Isabel O’Brien about her move from medicine to medical affairs, her passion for cross-functional learning and how former physicians can empower themselves to succeed in the pharmaceutical industry.

The full magazine featuring Juby’s interview is out now, so do check that out, too!

A little bit more on GOLD’s guest…

Juby Jacob-Nara is a passionate public health advocate who has worked within the pharmaceutical, vaccines, biological and consumer industries for the last 20 years. Her passion lies in medical affairs, but Juby brings scientific knowledge, medical and clinical experience, along with a strong business acumen involving global marketing to the table. She has supported over 25 product launches in the US and globally, and is known for developing rapport and maintaining key relationships with top external experts and scientific leaders. Her multitude of achievements include an address at the UN, two MBAs, an MPH and a DHSc.

Additional resources

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