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Meet GOLD’s latest catalyst – Roche’s Dr Peter Ahnesorg

Bonus episode

Podcast Peter Ahnesorg

Tune in for a sneak peek of GOLD's latest Catalyst interview with Dr Peter Ahnesorg, Global Hematology Franchise Head, Roche.

In this exclusive teaser of the full interview, Peter talks about why he left research for industry, Roche's commitment to ensuring equitable access to its medicines and what he believes are the qualities of a good leader today.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Dr Peter Ahnesorg is Head of Roche's Haematology Franchise, which is responsible for the development and commercialisation of a portfolio of ~20 medicines for patients with malignant and benign blood disorders. He is a seasoned executive with 17 years of experience at Roche, having held various leadership roles within the Global Product Strategy organisation, Genentech and Roche's Swiss affiliate. Prior to joining Roche, Dr Ahnesorg, a biochemist by training, worked in academic research focusing on DNA repair pathways. He holds a Master's degree in molecular biology and a PhD in cancer biology from the University of Cambridge, UK.

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