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Massimiliano Siciliano on digital potential

Updated: May 20, 2022

Season 01: 19 Oct 2021

This week, GOLD talks to Massimiliano Siciliano, Digital Solution Director Europe, Novartis, about the potential of digital solutions for the pharmaceutical industry’s stakeholders and commercial teams, the technology he is most excited about within pharma’s digital revolution, and his three key principles for building high performing teams.

A little more on GOLD's guest...

Massimiliano Siciliano holds 20 years’ experience in developing commercial strategies within cross-functional settings, including market access, medical, and marketing. He has worked within the pharmaceutical industry for almost a decade, spending a large proportion of that time with the Grünenthal Group, before joining Novartis Oncology last year.

Topics Covered

  • Pharma’s digital transformation

  • The potential of digital for pharma’s stakeholders

  • The potential of digital for pharma’s commercial teams

  • Building high performing teams

  • Leadership

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