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Luca and Luisa on medical affairs

GOLD Nugget: bonus episode

For this week’s GOLD nugget, Helena highlights not one but two of GOLD’s previous guests from the world of Medical Affairs: Luca Dezzani, Vice President, Oncology Medical Affairs, Johnson & Johnson, and Luisa Luciani-Silverman, US Medical Head of Immuno-Oncology, AstraZeneca.

They explore the potential value that can come from collaborating with different industries and some tips for measuring the value of medical affairs – it’s not one to be missed!

A little more on GOLD’s guests

Luca Dezzani is a former physician with extensive healthcare experience in clinical practice and in the pharmaceutical industry. He practised as a physician in haematology and internal medicine before joining Novartis Oncology in 2012, and, since then, he has held a range of medical roles at Eisai and AstraZeneca, including Franchise Head of US Oncology for Medical Affairs. More recently, he joined Johnson & Johnson in 2021 as their Vice President for Oncology Medical Affairs. He has a strong expertise in oncology clinical development and medical affairs, and he is passionate about utilising new technologies to improve outcomes in healthcare.

Luisa Luciani-Silverman is the US Medical Head of Immuno-Oncology at AstraZeneca. She has an extensive background in scientific research and holds a PhD in immunology and molecular biology. She began her career working at the prestigious Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, and other academic institutions, before landing her first role in pharma as a Medical Science Liaison at Sanofi Genzyme in 2014. Quickly ascending the ranks at Sanofi, she then joined Bristol Myers Squibb in 2018 and founded their first medical analytics function. She began her current role at AZ in October 2021.

Additional resources

If you’re interested in learning more about the topic areas discussed in this episode, check out the following content:

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