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Key pharma trends from Cannes Lions

Season 02: episode 22

This week on The GOLD Podcast, the team is joined by Claire Gillis, CEO, VMLY&R Health, who is on the airwaves to discuss the health and pharma highlights from the recent Cannes Lions International Festival. It's a must listen for all those who didn't attend.

From increased use of technology in campaigns to higher production values than ever before, this year showed that healthcare advertising is stepping up its game, and pharma is not too far behind, either.

On her second visit to the podcast, Claire speaks about the power of technology, the importance of spending differently rather than more on campaigns and her favourite moment from the festival.

The GOLD team also covers the launch of a new catalyst for cardiovascular disease from Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK, and more, in ‘News you might’ve missed’.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Claire Gillis is CEO of VMLY&R Health. A formidable leader in the health and pharma space, she is passionate about using data, creativity and integrated communications to help more people around the world access better healthcare. She has a background in pharmacology and health economics, and founded a specialist medical access consultancy called WG Group in 1996. In 2010, WG Group was bought by WPP, and she became International CEO of WPP Health Practice from 2016-2019, during which time she was named the inaugural winner of Women in Marketing’s ‘Best Marketing Leader in Creating Change in Health and Wellness’ award. Claire joined VMLY&R as its CEO at the agency’s conception in September 2020.

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