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Juby Jacob-Nara on diversity of experience

Updated: Jan 25

GOLD Nugget: bonus episode

The GOLD Podcast may be on a break, but Helena is still here to provide you with some great insights – or GOLD Nuggets, if you will – from key opinion leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the first of these special bonus episodes, she looks back at the launch episode of Season 3, which featured Dr Juby Jacob-Nara, Vice President and Global Medical Head for Respiratory, Allergy and Gastro-Intestinal Diseases, Sanofi. Helena considers some of the gold nuggets that Juby shared, including insights on the importance of cross-functional experience, team diversity and continual learning.

Look out for the launch of Season 4 on 7 February, as well as our much-anticipated 2023 pharma forecast, which is coming soon and not one to be missed!

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Juby Jacob-Nara is a passionate public health advocate who has worked within the pharmaceutical, vaccines, biological and consumer industries for the last 20 years. Her passion lies in medical affairs, but Juby brings scientific knowledge, medical and clinical experience, along with a strong business acumen involving global marketing to the table. She has supported over 25 product launches in the US and globally, and is known for developing rapport and maintaining key relationships with top external experts and scientific leaders. Her multitude of achievements include an address at the UN, two MBAs, an MPH and a DHSc.

Additional resources

If you’re interested in learning more about the topic areas discussed in this episode, check out the following content:

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