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Investigating the reality of rare disease research

Updated: Oct 30

Series 6: episode 3

ian winburn podcast

Discover the reality behind the expectations of rare disease research and drug development with Isabel and Jade as they present a discussion with Dr Ian Winburn, Vice President, Global Lead for Rare Hematology, Pfizer.

Tune in to hear Ian and Isabel discuss the current pharmaceutical landscape for rare diseases, including discussions around clinical trials, partnering early in the drug lifecycle, what the industry should be keeping in mind for the future of the field and much more.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Dr Ian Winburn is the Vice President, Global Medical Lead for Rare Hematology, Pfizer. He has a clinical background in general surgery with a special interest in solid organ transplantation. Previously, Ian practiced clinically in both the UK and New Zealand and completed a PhD at the University of Otago. Ian joined the pharmaceutical industry at Pfizer in 2010 and has worked in local, regional and global roles where he continues to enjoy bringing science and clinical practice together and is proud to be working to improve the lives of people with rare haematological conditions.

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