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Gamification: retaining a human touch and enhancing culture

Season 02: episode 17

In this episode, the GOLD team is joined by Natalie Yeadon, Co-founder and CEO, Impetus Digital – a company dedicated to improving virtual engagement and implementing online collaboration tools to enhance conversations with customers and clients.

Delving deeper into GOLD’s recent feature, ‘Getting into gamification’, Content and Editorial Assistant Jade Williams talks to Natalie about how pharma companies can best implement gamification into their practices and what internal and external benefits they can gain.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Natalie Yeadon started her career as a Radiation Therapist at the University Health Network in Toronto, before moving into pharmaceutical sales and management across GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol Myers Squibb and Genentech. She later founded Impetus Digital with her business partner Janice Smith in 2008, going on to publish ‘The Healthcare Heretic’ in 2017 – a book calling for disruptive change across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

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