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Driving access to digital, gene therapies and rare disease education

Season 02: episode 11

In this episode, GOLD speaks to Aaron Grandy, Associate Director, Alira Health, and Co-Founder, Precision Healthcare Consulting, about his start-up, GoMed, and the impact he hopes it will have on African access and health outcomes, his digital health plans, and the ethics behind the current cell and gene therapy landscape.

There's also a conversation with Laurence Woollard, Founder and Director, On The Pulse Consultancy Ltd, about his personal experience of living with haemophilia, the key challenges facing the haemophilia community and his key message to pharmaceutical professionals working in this disease area – and there's plenty to takeaway for others working in pharma, too.

Marc and Helena also present a round up of the latest industry news in ‘Things you might have missed’, picking up on a story about pharma’s response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, as well as a first-of-its-kind awareness campaign by Merck Foundation.

A little more on GOLD’s guests…

Aaron Grandy is the Associate Director of Alira Health and Co-Founder of Precision Healthcare Consulting. Among his many achievements is Aaron’s PhD in Molecular Biology, two master's degrees, and the establishment of the start-up GoMed, which he co-founded in 2021. GoMed focuses primarily on improving health outcomes for patients in Africa by helping them access the healthcare products that they need and is currently being piloted with various partners.

Laurence Woollard is the Founder and Director of On The Pulse – an independent, strategic consultancy providing specialist insight on patient activation campaigns in haemophilia and rare disease. Laurence has extensive patient advocacy experience, having advised on and implemented a broad scope of community awareness, research and educational initiatives. Laurence has published numerous thought-leadership articles and is a member of the Patient Engagement Committee for Findacure. Highly driven by his own journey and challenges of living with severe haemophilia from birth, Laurence campaigns for and effects real change in improvements to quality of life and care for his peers.

Additional resources

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