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Philippe Kirby on the art of collecting customer feedback

GOLD Nugget: bonus episode

As the GOLD team prepare for the next season of the podcast, take a walk down memory lane with Isabel and Jade as they share their GOLD Nuggets from Season 5.

In the first of these special bonus episodes, Isabel looks back at the very first episode of Season 5, featuring Philippe Kirby, Global Head of Channel Engagement and Execution, MSD. Isabel pulls out her favourite insight Philippe shared: how pharma teams can best gather information from HCPs to improve their customer experience.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Philippe Kirby has been with MSD for over 25 years and has recently taken on a new role as Global Head of Channel Engagement and Execution from April 2023. A customer engagement and technology enthusiast, Philippe started his career in the technology sector before moving into the pharmaceutical industry. A familiar face on the pharma conference circuit, in his spare time he likes to keep active, is president of a basketball club and is a self-confessed oenophile, or wine lover.

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