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Highest ever rate of HCPs make transfers of value public

Words by GOLD newsdesk

Statistics on ‘transfers of value’ from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare organisations and HCPs over 2021 have been published by the ABPI on Disclosure UK.

The highest ever rate of HCPs have agreed to have these transfers made public at 72.6%, an increase from 68.1% in 2020 and 55.9% the previous year. In total, £405m was disclosed for R&D collaborations with HCPs and HCOs in 2021 – an increase of 16% on the year.

This increase in individual HCPs willing to be named is good news for transparency in the pharmaceutical industry. “Partnerships between industry and the NHS are essential – they help develop new medicines and vaccines, improve care for patients and benefit the NHS,” commented Richard Torbett, Chief Executive, ABPI. “The latest data is an encouraging sign that we are on the right track.”

A total of £152m was spent on non-R&D collaborations in 2021, down 5% on the amount seen prior to the pandemic. These values included a range of collaborations including contracted services, donations and grants, sponsorship agreements and more.

ABPI President Pinder Sahota noted that the fluctuations in spending were to be expected, and that going forward the ABPI’s focus is “to make sure that non-Covid research and development activity fully recovers after the pandemic, and grows further in the UK, with all the associated benefits for patients, the NHS and the economy”.

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