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EFPIA endorses European Health Data Space

Words by GOLD newsdesk

Following the announcement of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) by the European Commission, EFPIA has offered its support for the initiative.

Proposed as a tool to unleash the full potential of health data, the EHDS will be a health-specific ecosystem that enables individuals to have greater ownership over their data by increasing access to electronic health records.

“Our industry strongly supports the European Union’s efforts to increase citizen and patient control of, and access to, their health data,” said Nathalie Moll, Director General, EFPIA.

The EHDS will also allow patients to easily consent to sharing their data with researchers via secure and trusted channels, creating a fairer and more fruitful landscape for data-driven innovation.

“Removing the barriers to health data for scientific research will mean patients can benefit from the discovery of innovative treatments, medical devices and diagnostics enabled by access to health data,” Moll continued.

Another part of the proposal backed by EFPIA is the ease at which data will be able to be shared across borders, enabling EU citizens to have more continuous health journeys across EU Member states as well as enhancing access to data for cross-country research studies.

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