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BMS launches clinical trial diversity initiative

Words by GOLD newsdesk

A new initiative aimed at making recommendations for how to effectively improve clinical trial experiences for people with disabilities has been launched by Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), in collaboration with the US-based not-for-profit Disability Solutions.

The Disability Diversity in Clinical Trials (DDiCT) initiative seeks to improve access, engagement, speed of enrolment and participation for people with disabilities in clinical trials, while simultaneously ensuring patient groups are reflective of the real-world population.

"Through this work, Bristol Myers Squibb can set the standard and stage for access to life-changing and life-saving medicines for people with disabilities,” said Samit Hirawat, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Global Drug Development, BMS. “The long-term goal of our DDiCT program is to develop and pilot trials that are accessible to the widest variety of patients.”

Also commenting on the initiative was Tinamarie Duff, Disability Advancement Workplace Network (DAWN) Global People and Business Resource Group Lead, BMS, who said: “People with disabilities are omitted from conversations about diversity and inclusion, despite being the largest underrepresented group in the world and the only underrepresented group anyone can join at any given moment. Therefore, it’s essential that we broaden the scope of medical trials and research.”

This new initiative is aligned with BMS’ broader inclusion and diversity health equity commitments, which seek to address health disparities, diversity in clinical trials and suppliers, employee giving and workforce representation by 2025.

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