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AMR coalition highlights “hidden pandemic”

Words by GOLD newsdesk

A first-of-its-kind white paper calling for transformational change in the way infection is detected, monitored, prevented and managed has been published by the Infection Management Coalition (IMC).

Aiming to help tackle the burden of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which has been described as a “hidden pandemic”, the white paper sets out 29 tangible recommendations with the aim of creating a mature healthcare system that is resilient to the risks of AMR.

Highlighting the need for a holistic approach, the recommendations include creating a five-year national plan and to explore innovative approaches to the development of new antibiotics and cutting-edge rapid diagnostics, as well as a strategy to elevate public understanding of the risks of AMR so as to avoid another global health crisis.

The white paper was developed by a coalition of partners in the pharmaceutical, MedTech and diagnostics spaces, such as Pfizer UK and Roche, alongside professional bodies and healthcare experts including The UK Sepsis Trust and Antibiotic Research UK.

“Like COVID-19, AMR is an existential threat that needs a coordinated, global response, from stewardship and monitoring of existing antibiotics to a workable solution for funding R&D into new ones. The pharmaceutical industry is committed to working in partnership with like-minded organisations to achieve these goals,” commented Richard Torbett, Chief Executive, ABPI. “This White Paper offers us a blueprint for further collaboration, building on the commitments that world leaders made at last year’s G7 to put AMR at the top of the global health agenda. We fully support further development of cohesive policy to support meaningful action.”

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