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Dive into the new issue of GOLD! From considering whether public perceptions of the pharmaceutical industry have shifted, to learning to listen to others in the Zoom age, our latest issue explores the lessons that pharma must take forward into 2021.  

February 2021

This issue explores the public perceptions of the pharmaceutical industry over the past year, highlights unmet patient needs, and considers how teams can operate optimally in a virtual environment, featuring the insight of industry thought leaders. Topics include:

  • Drug pricing

  • Cyber-attacks

  • Sexual health

  • Precision medicine

  • A thought-provoking interview with Dr Nick West, Chief Medical Officer, Abbott Vascular 

December 2020

This issue explores the transformation the industry has undergone this year, unveiling strategies for further growth, unmet needs still to be fulfilled, and momentum accelerators for us to continue on this trajectory. Topics include:


  • Diversity and inclusion  

  • Customer engagement 

  • Virtual education     

  • Health technology   

  • A conversation with Bernie Zeiher, Chief Medical Officer, Astellas Pharma 

October 2020

This issue explores the power of partnerships in moving pharma forward during the pandemic, with insights from industry thought leaders. Topics include:

  • Digital therapeutics

  • Diverse clinical trial recruitment

  • Recession resilience

  • Leadership in a crisis

  • A thought-provoking interview with Mace Rothenberg, Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer

August 2020

This issue considers the agility of the pharmaceutical industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, as industry leaders are using creativity to have a positive impact on the world. Topics include:


  • Creative marketing  

  • Rare disease patients

  • Digital therapeutics    

  • Medication adherence  

  • The forward-thinking outlook of Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer, Almirall 

June 2020

This issue delves into the challenges that are impacting pharma during the COVID-19 pandemic, with insight from industry thought leaders.

Topics include:

  • Virtual events   

  • RWE in marketing 

  • Digital therapeutics     

  • The future of medical affairs   

  • An insightful and inspiring interview with Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO, LEO Innovation Lab

April 2020

This issue tackles some of pharma’s current challenges and provides thought provoking content, with insight from industry thought leaders. Topics include:


  • Marrying digital and traditional marketing  

  • Drug launch

  • Storytelling in marketing    

  • Patient loneliness  

  • Powerful insight from Iskra Reic, Executive Vice President, Europe and Canada, AstraZeneca

February 2020

This issue explores an array of industry-wide challenges and focusses, with insights from thought leaders from the pharmaceutical industry. Topics include:


  • Climate change 

  • Global marketing

  • Retaining recruits    

  • Gender parity  

  • Thought-provoking insights from Dr Terri L. Phillips, Vice President and Head Global Medical Affairs, Merz

November 2019

This issue includes a wealth of thought-provoking content and insights from thought leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Topics include:


  • Patient happiness

  • Blockchain marketing

  • Precision medicine

  • Clinical trial recruitment

  • Stimulating insights from Isabelle Bocher-Pianka, Chief Patient Affairs, Global Medical Affairs, Ipsen

August 2019

This issue delivers a host of stimulating content, providing insight from thought leaders in the pharma industry. Some of the topics covered:


  • Creative marketing to do good 

  • Leadership in medical affairs 

  • Marketing to Generation Z   

  • A new approach to UX 

  • Engaging insight from Dr Michael Devoy, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance, Bayer

May 2019

This issue brings thought-provoking and challenging content, with insight and opinions from top leaders in the pharma industry. Some of the topics we tackle are:


  • Preventative healthcare

  • Mastering the omni-channel experience

  • Carer centricity

  • Unifying the medical affairs function

  • The fascinating outlook of  Kris Sterkens, Company Group Chairman, Janssen, EMEA

February 2019

This issue brings you coverage from some leading pharmaceutical events, and the abundance of topics covered within its pages will ensure leading industry insight on topics such as:


  • Digital Opinion Leaders

  • The launch of Speciality Medicines

  • Leadership in Medical Affairs

  • An intuitive and thought-provoking interview with Victoria Elegant, VP and Region Head Medical, Amgen JAPAC

November 2018

This issue brings you more words from thought-leaders and award-winning journalists, and provides insight into some of the hottest topics in pharma including:


  • Patient collaboration

  • Mastering the digital experience

  • Fighting fake medicines

  • An inspiring interview with Lode Dewulf, Chief Patient Officer, Servier

September 2018

This issue brings you more thought-provoking and challenging content, with insight and opinions from award-winning journalists and thought leaders. Some topics include:


  • Marketing to a sceptical generation

  • Measuring the value in medical affairs

  • The top selling drugs and projected figures

  • An engaging interview with Gitte Aabo, President and CEO, LEO Pharma

June 2018

Our first issue brings you the current trends and challenges of the pharma industry, from thought leaders and top industry journalists. Here are some of the topics we tackle:


  • Patient centricity

  • Tech disruption

  • The alignment of medical affairs and marketing

  • The largest M&As from the last 7 years

  • A thought-provoking interview with Ulrich Betz, VP of Innovation, Merck KGaA


Medical Affairs

Time to Act on Health Inequities

In light of the health inequalities revealed by COVID-19, we explore the role of medical affairs in addressing imbalances and forging a fairer, more inclusive society for the future.


The Future of Work: Home or Away?

Whether you have contently set up shop at home or are restless to escape your four walls, the pandemic has forced companies to consider what will be the future of offices: home or away?


Rising Stars in the Innovation Ecosystem

Collaboration between big pharma and smaller corporations have proved to be a winning formula, but how can these unions be approached and navigated to ensure success?

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