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The Expectation vs Reality of Drug Launch

Drug launches can be tough events to predict. This infographic looks back at common drug launch patterns, the surprising success of first-time launchers, and the impact of COVID-19 on the landscape.

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Over the past decade, innovative products have radically changed the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. Our infographic highlights some of the biggest shifts, whilst showcasing future opportunities for innovation within the industry.

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The global pharmaceutical industry employs > 4.4 million people, and this number is predicted to rise over the next decade. Our infographic showcases predictions for the 2030 UK biopharmaceutical workforce, highlighting where additional skills will be required to meet this increased demand.

Access to medicine around the world is still a huge challenge, most notably in developing countries. This infographic, the second in our ‘Improving Access’ series, pinpoints some standout examples of pharmaceutical companies who are going the extra mile to improve access for patients in Asia.

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As the industry commands the search for a COVID-19 vaccine, we reflect on the history of vaccine development. From the very first inoculation to the present day, this infographic celebrates the stories, companies, and notable individuals who have been pivotal in the development of vaccines. 

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As we process the huge impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having around the world, the pharmaceutical industry is hard at work to find a solution. This infographic tracks key milestones of the virus, vaccine and treatment efforts, and donations made by pharma to help the cause.

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There are many notable initiatives put in place by pharma to improve access to medicine around the world, most notably in developing countries. This infographic pinpoints some standout examples of companies going the extra mile to improve access for patients in Africa.

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The pharmaceutical industry is gradually populating the world of social media, as they find ways to navigate these platforms amidst the boundaries of compliance and regulation. This infographic examines which of the top pharma companies are performing best, analyses the language being used, and identifies key insights to bolster social profiles for the better.

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Achieving gender parity in the pharmaceutical industry still has a way to go, but many companies are making significant strides towards this. Our infographic showcases a handful of standout examples from the industry and explores key milestones in the history of women in the workplace.

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The drugs sales market is an ever-evolving landscape, especially today as the market fragments, and individualised therapies start to make their mark. In this infographic, we showcase how these trends are forecast to impact drugs sales by the year 2024, emphasising key differences with the 2018 figures, as well as predicting which therapeutic areas are set to take home the biggest sales.

In the 110 years since Paul Ehrlich discovered the first modern antibiotic, a wealth of information on antimicrobial resistance has come to the forefront. Our infographic takes a look over the history of antibiotics and pharma’s role in its story.

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Investigation into cell therapies is growing at an exponential rate across the pharma industry. In this infographic, we display the number and types of cell therapies currently in the R&D pipeline, with a particular analysis of CAR T

cell therapy.

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2018 was a banner year for novel drug approvals. In this infographic we display an overview of drugs approved by the FDA and EMA, with special recognition of the orphan drugs that were brought to market in 2018. 

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On Thursday 23 June 2016, the people of the UK voted to leave the EU, by a winning margin of 3.8%. There began the UK’s long and eventful route to leave, scheduled for Friday 29 March.
In this immersive infographic we mark important milestones the UK life-sciences sector has seen in this near 3-year period, and the events unfolding for the UK’s journey out of the EU.


We review some of the top selling biologics still to come off patent in the EU and US, and their respective biosimilars in the pipeline.

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We reflect on pharma’s past year and some of the major events that took place.

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Uncover the top selling drugs from 2017 and be enlightened on which drugs are projected to be the highest sellers of 2024.


Find out about the top pharma M&A's over the last 7 years, and which countries are leading the way.

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Nurturing Innovation in Maternal Health
Nurturing Innovation in Maternal Health.jpg

In recent decades, there has been a deficit of drug development within maternal health. We look at the causes of this shortfall and how the industry can ensure innovation is being prioritised.


What is the Criteria for a Great Idea? 
What is the Criteria for a Great Idea.jpg

Idea generation and problem solving has never been more crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. We explore what equals a transformative idea, and whether it must be scalable to be successful.


Tailoring Content to International Waters
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Modern marketers must adopt a more tailored approach to engaging healthcare professionals. We explore the art of marketing personalisation with an emphasis on country-specific tailoring.  

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