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Investigation into cell therapies is growing at an exponential rate across the pharma industry. In this infographic, we display the number and types of cell therapies currently in the R&D pipeline, with a particular analysis of CAR T

cell therapy.

2018 was a banner year for novel drug approvals. In this infographic we display an overview of drugs approved by the FDA and EMA, with special recognition of the orphan drugs that were brought to market in 2018. 

On Thursday 23 June 2016, the people of the UK voted to leave the EU, by a winning margin of 3.8%. There began the UK’s long and eventful route to leave, scheduled for Friday 29 March.
In this immersive infographic we mark important milestones the UK life-sciences sector has seen in this near 3-year period, and the events unfolding for the UK’s journey out of the EU.

We review some of the top selling biologics still to come off patent in the EU and US, and their respective biosimilars in the pipeline.

We reflect on pharma’s past year and some of the major events that took place.

Uncover the top selling drugs from 2017 and be enlightened on which drugs are projected to be the highest sellers of 2024.

Find out about the top pharma M&A's over the last 7 years, and which countries are leading the way.



Agility to Stay Relevant

Digital transformation is no easy task, but we are not entering a digital era — we are in one. We look outside the industry for inspiration and examine creative strategies to engage colleagues in the future.

Medical Affairs

The History of
Medical Affairs

Over the years, the medical affairs role has truly blossomed, but what caused these changes and how will it continue to evolve?


The Patient Will See
You Now

Pharma’s traditional drug development line is proving malleable: one day the patient may be sitting right at the front of it. As the future creeps closer, how can pharma see this shift as an opportunity for action and innovation?

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