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Check out the latest issue of GOLD now! From a cautionary tale of innovation, to replicating reality in remote trials, the December issue is full of insights from the Reuters Events: Pharma 2021 conference. Read on to find out how the pandemic has affected the various functions of the pharmaceutical industry, and what action must be taken to recover and evolve for the better.

Catalyst of Pharma 

Tamika Jean-Baptiste

GOLD speaks to Tamika Jean-Baptiste, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Amgen, about her decision to leave sales and marketing, and how to attract more diverse talent into the industry.


Feature Article

A Cautionary Tale of
Rapid Transformation

A Cautionary Tale.jpg

The pharmaceutical industry has been pursuing rapid digital transformation during the pandemic, but pace must be balanced with caution to ensure innovations are well designed and adopted.

Editor's Picks

Medical Affairs

Standing Out in
a Crowd of Content
Standing out in a crowd of content.jpg

Medical affairs has an opportunity to better engage healthcare professionals by adopting an advanced omnichannel strategy, which could enable more effective targeting of their communications.


A Recipe for Success in European Healthcare
A recipe for success in European healthcare.jpg

The industry must seek to solve issues in European healthcare systems through public-private partnerships, aligning stakeholders, and cultivating markets that encourage innovation.


The Price
is Wrong
The Price is Right Wrong.jpg

The pandemic has increased drug pricing pressures around the world. The industry must reform internally and challenge negative pricing attitudes to enhance access to innovative treatments.


Is mRNA the Future of
Vaccine Technology?

Take a look at how mRNA technology compares to traditional vaccine processes…



GOLD Podcast

Claire Gillis
International CEO, WPP Health Practice
We sit down with Claire Gillis, who discusses how the communications role can transform patient outcomes.

GOLD Podcast

Pierre Bourdage
Global Head Biopharmaceuticals, Sandoz
Pierre Bourdage provides insight into the state and future of the biosimilars market and discusses how to adapt to ‘the new normal'.

GOLD Podcast

Mircea Cubillos
Vice President Hematology EMEA, Commercial Strategy Lead, Janssen
Mircea Cubillos discusses progression in oncology during COVID-19, and cultivating healthy habits during lockdown.

GOLD Podcast

Dr Steve Ingham
Performance Scientist and Consultant
Dr Steve Ingham, Olympic Performance Scientist and Specialist speaks about adapting to setbacks and being resilient.

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