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Explore the new issue of GOLD now! From championing science over the noise of misinformation to cracking down on counterfeit vaccines, this issue is brimming with inspiring thought leadership that considers the past year in the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.

Catalysts of Pharma 

Bill Sibold, Executive Vice President and Head, Sanofi Genzyme

We hear from Bill Sibold, Executive Vice President and Head, Sanofi Genzyme, who shares his passion for the industry, addressing healthcare disparities, and the changing face of pharma.

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Feature Article

Antidotes to
an Infodemic

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With the democratisation of information comes the proliferation of misinformation. The industry must protect public health by quelling fears around vaccines and reclaiming healthcare narratives.

Editors' Picks

Medical Affairs

Fraud, Fakery, and Counterfeit Vaccines
1. Fraud, Fakery, and Counterfeit Vaccin

Accompanying vaccine success is the risk of fraud; an inevitable trend that has blighted healthcare for decades. The industry must prevent, educate, and protect the public from vaccine fraudsters.


The Evolving Patient Advocacy Landscape
5. The-Evolving-Landscape-of-Patient-Adv

The collaboration between patient advocacy groups and pharmaceutical companies is evolving. In this roundtable, two thoughts leaders discuss how to drive true value in these vital partnerships.


Disease Awareness at
a Distance
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While social distancing forced campaigns to be paused or pulled, pharmaceutical agencies and their clients enthusiastically adopted remote solutions so disease messaging could continue and prosper.


The Growing Market of Biotechnology

Explore the growing market of biotechnology, looking at its history, the biggest players, and future projections…

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Cannes Lions, 2019

Daniel Carucci

Global Medical Director, McCann Health

Daniel discusses the challenge of vaccine hesitancy and the campaign he co-created to meet this challenge: The Immunity Charm.

Cannes Lions, 2019 

Andrea Palmer

President, Publicis Health Media

Andrea talks about the new generation of HCP and how the pharma industry can meet the changing consumer expectations, as well as her own career and leadership success.

Cannes Lions, 2019

Susan Manber

Chief Strategy Officer, Digitas Health 

Susan delves into ‘The Big See’, a campaign she launched with the goal of earlier detection for skin cancer, along with discussing her personal experience of skin cancer detection and her motivations.

Cannes Lions, 2019

Sam Glassenberg

Founder and CEO, Level Ex

Sam shares how Level Ex are educating doctors through the medium of video games and explores the relationship between gaming and health. 

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