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We speak to the CEO, LEO Innovation Lab, who discusses patient happiness, how AI can be used to relieve pressure on doctors, and the lessons he has learnt from being a leader.

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought events around the world to a grounding halt earlier this year, but the pharmaceutical industry has been agile and adaptable, utilising the power of virtual events.

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Medical Affairs

The Metrics of
Medical Affairs 

The key to demonstrating value lies in metrics, but this is proving challenging for medical affairs. It is time to start measuring the impact of MA’s work on tangible business outcomes.


Putting Virtual
on Trial

Virtual clinical trials offer a unique solution to the lockdown measures of COVID-19. We are seeing a plethora of benefits to this method, such as improved patient diversity and drop-out rates.


Chief Digital Officers:
The Pioneers of
Cultural Change 

Chief Digital Officers are leading pharma into the digital age, ensuring that the industry can overcome its aversion to change and embrace a more collaborative, digital culture.


The History of Vaccines

Journey through the history

of vaccines…

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Cannes Lions, 2019

Daniel Carucci

Global Medical Director, McCann Health

Daniel discusses the challenge of vaccine hesitancy and the campaign he co-created to meet this challenge: The Immunity Charm.

Cannes Lions, 2019 

Andrea Palmer

President, Publicis Health Media

Andrea talks about the new generation of HCP and how the pharma industry can meet the changing consumer expectations, as well as her own career and leadership success.

Cannes Lions, 2019

Susan Manber

Chief Strategy Officer, Digitas Health 

Susan delves into ‘The Big See’, a campaign she launched with the goal of earlier detection for skin cancer, along with discussing her personal experience of skin cancer detection and her motivations.

Cannes Lions, 2019

Sam Glassenberg

Founder and CEO, Level Ex

Sam shares how Level Ex are educating doctors through the medium of video games and explores the relationship between gaming and health. 

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