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Dive into the new issue of GOLD! From considering our preparedness for the next pandemic to exploring the rise of pull marketing, the June issue of GOLD reflects on the realisations and changes that are taking place within the pharmaceutical industry as we emerge from the peak of COVID-19. 

Catalyst of Pharma 

Monica Shaw

Monica Shaw, Executive Vice President, Region EUROPE Plus, LEO Pharma, talks about access to medicine and the intrinsic link between mental and physical health.


Feature Article

Preparing for the
Next Pandemic


While the pharmaceutical industry responded effectively to COVID-19, we cannot deny our unpreparedness. We consider future outbreaks and how to prevent another crisis of this magnitude.

Editors' Picks


Standing on the Shoulders of Silicon Valley
Standing on the shoulders of silicon valley.jpg

The pharmaceutical industry has long trailed behind other sectors in the realm of five-star consumer experience. We consider how pharma can make delivery of healthcare more convenient for patients.

Medical Affairs

Pulling Away from
Push Marketing
Pulling Away from Push Marketing.jpg

Marketers have depended heavily on push marketing, but a shift to pull advertising has prevailed. Discover how medical affairs can draw in doctors with tailored and trustworthy scientific content.


A Debate on Digital Transformation
Round Table.jpg

In this roundtable, three thought leaders share their perspective on pharma’s progress in digital, detail the barriers in the way of digital transformation, and outline their vision for the future.


The Expectation Vs Reality of
Drug Launch

Track the reality vs expectation of drug launches…



Cannes Lions, 2019

Daniel Carucci

Global Medical Director, McCann Health

Daniel discusses the challenge of vaccine hesitancy and the campaign he co-created to meet this challenge: The Immunity Charm.

Cannes Lions, 2019 

Andrea Palmer

President, Publicis Health Media

Andrea talks about the new generation of HCP and how the pharma industry can meet the changing consumer expectations, as well as her own career and leadership success.

Cannes Lions, 2019

Susan Manber

Chief Strategy Officer, Digitas Health 

Susan delves into ‘The Big See’, a campaign she launched with the goal of earlier detection for skin cancer, along with discussing her personal experience of skin cancer detection and her motivations.

Cannes Lions, 2019

Sam Glassenberg

Founder and CEO, Level Ex

Sam shares how Level Ex are educating doctors through the medium of video games and explores the relationship between gaming and health. 

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